Sunday, August 28, 2011

Farewell Facebook

It's a beautiful day here - the sun is shining outside, but it's winter. That means in the Western Cape with little Cape Cottage style houses, it's like a bloody fridge in here. So I'd prefer to be doing things outside, rather than sitting in front of a computer in a freezing room (approx 10 degrees).

So - this is going to be quick.

I've done it - I'm free. I've killed Facebook before it killed me (that rhymes - may compose a song about it)!

"I've done it - I'm free. I've killed Facebook before it killed me
Facebook Facebook wherefore art thou Facebook?
Dead and buried. Done and dusted. Overs Gedovers, Bucking Fusted
I've not come to praise Facebook but to bury it.

You can put the above to any music you'd like to - I don't give a rat's ass. Oh - and in case you think I'm into plagiarism, credits on 2 lines of the above to Bill Shakespeare - mangled almost beyond recognition.

Why? Because Facebook is a goddamn almighty waste of time. The one commodity we all have in equal amount, and we waste it sitting mindlessly in front of a screen, ticking the "like" box and channeling our tremendous wit and intelligence into slowly and deliberately typing out the letters L....O.....L in the "make a comment" box. And if you're a particularly bright specimen, you might even get as far as ROTFLOL - God help us.

This is it - the pinnacle of human intelligence in the 21st century. Sitting like morons "liking" and spewing mindless 1-liners into little comment boxes. Why are they 1-liners? Because everyone else out there is either to short on attention span, too lazy or too stupid to be able to read more than one line. And don't expect to get any educated intelligent response - you'll be lucky to get anything at all.

Nope - don't waste your pearls of wisdom on your facile facebook frontally-lobotomised "friends" - rather blog your thoughts and then let those who are seeking something a bit different come across them as they will and learn, grow, take what they need and move on.

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