Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 Epitaph

It's 11 September again. 911 to all those who put the month before the day - anniversary of the fall of the World Trade Centre towers - all 3 of them. And an important anniversary - the 10th year.

G and I would like to take the opportunity to express our heartfelt condolences to all folk who lost friends, family and loved ones on Sept 11, 2001. I would like to hope that all truly caring members of humanity will spare a thought for these people, and draw close to them, in spirit if not in deed.

But I would also like to call on all Americans and anyone else who lost a loved one (and this is serious - it is not my intention to deliberately cause hurt to the grieving), to renew the call on the United States Government for a fresh unbiased independent enquiry on the whole 911 saga, with a view to clearing the air.


Because there are just too many unanswered questions left hanging in the air. There is too much evidence that has been confiscated or concealed, or literally- buried. Let me take you very quickly through just a little of it. There is a huge amount of detailed information on the internet.

Start with and, move to, , and then google architects and engineers for 911 truth, bilderberg, illuminati etc. and follow the links. And stay awake to discern the gems of truth.

So here goes :

Sept 11 dawns and the Trade Centre towers get hit by 2 commercial airliners - said to be boeing 767's. Except that pilots for 911 truth dispute the speed that the aircraft were recorded as reaching prior to impact. Turns out these planes can't do the air speeds that were recorded at the altitude they were flying at, without special modifications - otherwise the wings would get ripped off.

Then we have the 1st and 2nd building in history which have steel skeleton constructs, collapse because of fire. Forget all the others with the same type of construct that were gutted by fire and still stood firm. No - these collapsed. And the fire from burning aviation fuel wasn't hot enough to melt steel.

What about the time to collapse? Simple physics - laws of acceleration. The formula is s= ut + ½ at 2
where s = distance (height of tower 1 = 417m), t = time, u = initial velocity and a = acceleration in this case, the acceleration of gravity 9.8 m/s2

We're going to use this formula in the case of the fallen trade centre tower 1 which was 417m high. In the case of a stationery tower initial velocity = 0, therefore we can use :
s = ½ at 2 as our formula.

Then lets solve for t, assuming the building is in freefall.
t = sq.root of (2 x s /a) = sq. root of (2 x 417 / 9.8) = 9.23 seconds.

This approach is a bit rusty and glosses over some of the other factors that need to be taken account of (see again the 911 research website), yet the essence remains true. At this stage, please note that based on seismic evidence and of timed videos, both proponents and opponents of the "official" report of the collapse, estimate the time taken for the towers to collapse at between 8 and 10 seconds. Now our answer of 9.23 seconds looks pretty much right on the button. And that means effectively the building was in freefall. And that means all steel and concrete supports had to be simultaneously sheared off, for the building to have fallen neatly down in a pile in under 10 seconds. That can't be explained by planes crashing into the towers.

Then we have a plane fly into the pentagon at zero feet, a manouvre so demanding that even experienced pilots are unlikely to manage it, let alone an acknowledged inexperienced pilot like the supposed hijacker. Pilots for 911 truth conclude that indisputably the flight data supposedly from flight 77, is not that of an American Airlines 757 . And neither was the single engine left lying on the ground.

What about WTC building 7 which collapsed around 5pm the same day? Due to damage from the falling towers, some have claimed. Except that other folk recorded basement and foyer explosions in WTC7 before the Towers ever fell. And then there is recorded testimony from an official admitting that they had to bring the building down for safety reasons. The problem with this is that it takes months to rig a building for demolition. It can't be done in a day. That means it was rigged with malice-aforethought, doesn't it?

And then the reports that some weeks before the collapse of the trade centre, the company renting the complex suddenly insured the buildings "against acts of terrorism" for an amount that conveniently exceeded the cost of the lease.

Or the very extraordinary volume of futures put options of stocks of :
-the airlines affected,
-the reinsurers who were expected to pay out billions,
-US treasury notes,
-Financial services companies affected, and
-a weapons manufacturer who was expected to gain from the attack.

Trading with knowledge of a future event is known as "insider trading", and it guaranteed an obscene profit to those who knew in advance that the attack was going to occur.

What about the US Senator who took breakfast in the Trade Centre every morning - but called on the morning of 911 to suddenly cancel?

Oh yes - nearly forgot! The president of the company providing security services to the WTC complex was.... the brother of President George "Dubya" Bush. My my - what coincidences.

There are many other inconsistencies - certainly enough to raise many questions - go and look up all these web references for yourself. Of course, if' you're happy to live on with your head in the ground, so be it.

But I would think it's time to wake up - US citizens should call their government to account openly and transparently for what happened on that day, and let's once and for all get the truth out on the table.

Let the consequences lead where they will - and I hope they will be dire for many in the echelons of power.


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