Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Moron Ahoy!

Ahoy! Have at thee, scum! Yes - it's silly season in the USA, when the next crop of brain-damaged hopefuls crawl out from under their rocks and stake their claim to be the next president of the good ol' US of A.

And what a crop they are :

First we have the Republican front Runner Newt Gingrich (heaven help us all, either in the US or anywhere in the rest of the world if the Republicans win and Newt gets in). Dear Newt thinks the Palestinians are an "invented people" who are "terrorists". Having opened his over burgeoning gob and inserted both of his feet right up to the thighs in an attempt to appease the powerful Jewish lobby, we can all see the only portion of his anatomy left visible. Yep - you got it. A$$-hole by name and the same by nature. "Gingrich surges in Iowa despite controversy" - God help us - the Americans will probably vote him in....

My feeling is that if dear ol' Newt is the best the Republicans can come up with, why not shelve the 4-year elections completely and save the US taxpayer a lot of money? Electing him would be as pointless as electing "Dubya" was. Maybe he could engineer another atrocity against the American people during his tenure as was done for 911, and then blame it on the Arabs again - or maybe the Chinese this time ?

Then we have the genius Mitt Romney (where do these Americans get their christian names from?) who engages in a $10 000 bet in the middle of the debate, thus flashing his wealth to the watching American public. The fact that this amount is some 3 times as much as the average American spends on a year's groceries, and more than a year of mortgage payments, is not likely to endear him to the cash-strapped man in the street. "I didn't grow up poor", he says. Proves my point - you don't have to have brains to be wealthy.

Let's not forget woman-power in the form of Michele Bachman doing the baby steps towards showing everyone how little she understands foreign policy, and even less Geography, by staying stupid things like "The President put us in Libya, now he's put us in Africa". For the sake of Africa, it might be nice if the Americans left. Now. Give her an atlas as a parting gift.

Rick Perry who has already demonstrated a spectacular dose of amnesia during a previous debate, and appears to hold radical views on a number of topics, now questions man's role in global warming. Gee Rick - do you seriously think that if there was no industry pumping out millions of tonnes of greenhouse emissions every year into the atmosphere, we'd have the rising temperatures we're already seeing in a relatively short time? Do you really think man has made no carbon footprint on the earth thus far? Do American politicians actually believe the shit they come up with, or is it merely to impress the voters (who must be brain dead if they suck up this stuff)?

Oh yes - he also (we are now blessed to know) "doesn't believe in evolution", despite the established scientific fact behind it. Politicians, like churchmen, should keep their noses out of science. They're just not equipped with the smarts to understand the implications of the stupid remarks they make. I suppose our Rick thinks the Earth is 6000 years old (minus a couple of days, while God was doing the building work)? Or perhaps that Adam and Eve committed incest with all of their offspring to come up with the human race? Duh! With whom did they outcross to arrive at the human race's genetic diversity?

And when this sorry mob of Republicans shakes out and decides who will be their candidate, he or she will come up against......ta rah! (trumpet fanfare), the genius Obama. Yep. Barry Soetoro. I'm told this is his other name in a previous life when he was reportedly an Indonesian citizen (you are not entitled to rescind Indonesian citizenship, and therefore he is ineligible to become president of the US - but it hasn't stopped him, has it?). Dear old Barry - I don't have to make nasty comments - just google him and you can read any amount of hate mail about him from his own people.

Here's hoping the average American voter is smarter than the person who seeks to govern them. Which I doubt because these cerebral cripples keep on getting elected. What is wrong with the American electoral system, if this is the best it can come up with?

Maybe they should elect Bugs Bunny, providing he can win the primaries for the Sensible Party....

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