Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moronic Presidential Hopeful!

Hmm - Freudian slip perhaps? Well - maybe, but on 2nd thoughts the genius Romney just keeps on making gaffes. I had wanted to title this blog "mor(m)onic Presidential hopeful, but on reflection, moronic seems to just hit the spot.

G asked me : "why does he want to be the president anyway? I'm sure he'll just be another figurehead". She's quite right of course. He doesn't have the smarts to lead from the front, but I'm sure the administration will provide him with a brains trust to make decisions for him.

Maybe when he was a child, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. And instead of becoming a fireman or maybe a garbage collector which is much more in his cerebral league, he decided to be the President of the USA. Come to think of it, I have a pretty good idea that if the legendary frontally lobotomised George Dubya Bush lasted 2 terms of office, it can't be a very demanding job when it comes to using your brain.

I mean c'mon - Romney clearly has absolutely no general knowledge at all : he opens his big flappy trap and inserts both left feet - perpetually. I wish they'd leave him to choke on his feet, and get done with it. Sheik temple instead of Sikh temple? If he actually knew anything about Indian religions (and we'd hope that somebody who presumed to become the most powerful leader in the Western world would actually know something outside of his own country- or even his own state), he would know that the Sikhs follow a religion founded in the 15th century in the Punjab region.

He introduces his presidential compaign running mate Paul Ryan as "the next president of the United States". Probably the best thing he could do, would be to stand aside and let someone with a brain go for the presidential top job. But that's not what he meant. In fact he didn't mean anything - he just freewheeled the brain and left the gob to flap away by itself. Which is very dangerous when you're in the highest profile job in the world.

By the way - be afraid of Paul Ryan - be very afraid. He's very intelligent - and a flip-flopper with the best of the political chameleons in order to stay ahead. He's also the author of the GOP. Here's a synopsis from a blogger :

American people don't know much about Ryan. When they discover what he stands for, they will decide who they will vote for.Ryan is the architect of radical right wing . His budget calls for
-- huge new tax cuts for the super rich on top of the Bush tax cuts
-- turning medicare into a voucher program
-- massive cuts to vital programs like medicaid, food stamps, pell grants & job training
-- new increases in military spending
Ryan is the author of everything the left has been fighting against in Washington since the repub took control of the house in 2010
Romney/Ryan ticket is a frightening prospect for the middle class and anyone who might need medicare or social security
By chosing Ryan, Romney doubled down on his commitment to take our country back to the failed policies of the past that got us to the mess.

If your like that picture go ahead vote republican

Consider the following link, where you can spend a few moments pondering these dumb Mitt Romney quotes. Look at the bonus section too.

(I'm particularly incensed that he should DARE to be defensive to PETA criticism about popping his dog in a carrier on top of his roof rack and taking it for a twelve hour trip - and then say "my dog likes fresh air". A total Arsehole - with a huge capital A.

More ominously, he comes across as an insensitive, arrogant wise-arse who thinks his money allows him to say and do anything. He doesn't care - or have to care - about who he offends in the process of aerating his vocal chords. No forethought, no engagement and consideration beforehand - just open handbag mouth and vent. Or maybe he should rather fart - it sounds nicer than his mindless babble, and makes as much sense.

Then maybe you might wonder whether there is anything in the Romney head at all. It's a wonder he managed to get 2 Harvard degrees and a Brigham Young degree - although in all fairness, the latter was a BA, which doesn't count for much. And the Harvard degree was a joint Juris doctor/ MBA (master of bugger-all) - some of the biggest smooth talking management consultant dummies have MBA's. But he actually did really well, and at least at that time of his life, seemed to be quite bright.

I wonder if he's suffering from some advancing degenerative brain condition? Like Creutzfeldt-Jakob perhaps (the human counterpart of BSE - bovine spongiform encephalopathy - mad cow disease). Maybe he's been consuming too many of those offal-filled burgers and picked up an infective prion particle from a cow. It's really quite a conundrum - I would have thought that someone with his track record would be carefully considering his words before opening his mouth, but obviously the effect of his words do not give him pause for thought.

And his Mormonism is the most telling indication that in his heart of hearts (or should that be "heart of minds"?), he's a dummy. A fifth generation mormon - or should that be "moron"? I mean, here's the prospective next President of the US and he believes in the teachings of a man who claims to have dug up a bunch of gold plates, and translated them into the Book of Mormon and conveniently forgets what happened to them. Not only do they believe all the biblical crap, lock stock and barrel, but they believe a far-fetched aberrant offshoot of it. And their founder is a felon. Sod the truth - we'll believe the crap. It takes a special kind of uber-thick denial to be a fifth generation follower of that type of nonsense.

The real eye-opener is that this guy has a serious chance of actually becoming the next President. If he does, the Americans then have got what they deserved - because only a nation of idiots could put that into the White house. Makes "Dubya" look like a genius.

Postscript : having just watched Sky news newspaper reviews tonight... the world is laughing at this buffoon. And as G notes - he doesn't care - because he's busy playing the game. Nothing is registering - no synapses are firing. The lights are on, but nobody is at home. The only objective is the lust for illusory power of being in the White House. And when he gets there, he will smile like an idiot at the cameras and read from his prepared speaker notes and act as the directors of the play have decided he should do. We need idiots. Thinking presidents that buck the establishment get assassinated.

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