Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introverts Bite Back!

Ah! The much- maligned and misunderstood Introvert. The modern world doesn't understand introverts (or doesn't want to), because the marketing message being drummed into everyone's heads all the time is that extrovert = good, introvert = bad.

Take a look at all the dumb ads on TV these days. Hennessy and parties. Miller Lite and parties. Peter Stuyvesant and girls and skiing and parties (if one actually sees a tobacco ad these days - which is rare). Booze - any booze - girls and parties. And parties and parties and girls and parties. Get the picture?

And everyone - I said EVERYONE is having a great old time. All boozing and jumping and sunning themselves on luxury yachts and smiling like idiots who have been infected with tetanus.

The problem is, there are approximately 50% of the world's population who are introverts. They're not partying. They're thinking. And they're thinking some serious thoughts. The artists, scientists, mathematicians, some politicians = mostly introverts. And a good thing too - somebody has to think in this rather superficial, apparently fairly brainless, impulsive world full of rabid consumers.

G is an introvert - almost completely 100%. But she has some real, genuine luminaries in her list of fellow introverts. Makes my list look a little tired and has-been. I'm jealous.

So - in tribute to all the introverts out there, this wonderful little thought:

Now there's a thought!

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